Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Saturday. . . .

night. Eric and I decide to go to Los Toros, thinking about those purple Cadillac's...Ok, lets go take a drive should be too crowed if we get there around 5, and even so, we can wait..
We get there get out of the car, and this tightness starts in my neck,and I didn't say anything, we walk in and my knees start rocking and I lean up against the wall, he says whats that?, I said that is what is happening to me, do you feel it? Yup, I was actually relieved because he could feel my body jerking just by my holding on to his arm to keep me up. Needless to say we left :( got out to the car and once we got to the freeway I felt better, and thankfully no migraine this time.
He said, ok I'm not a Dr. (no kidding), but I think this is neurological. I said it's like an electrical thing, so I'm calling one of the recommended ones I got from Dr. last week. Not going to ignore it now. WTF is wrong?
I feel like having a giant pity party right now.
I'm kind of pissed, Hannah is still sleeping, I'm doing laundry cleaning some windows. I need to go to the market. Wishing she was up and offering to help. would be nice. I have to just except that I don't feel good and I'm super crabby, . It is what it is. Good thing Eric is working today I guess..I mean I wish he didn't have to, but at least he won't be around my crabby self.

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