Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Drs....so all of them get this MRI report and no one reads it....
So frustrating. I go tomorrow to get another mri of my neck...c-spine, then I am going to pain Dr. so they can find some gigantic needle to shove into my neck right? All I care about at this point is having no more pain..PLEASE. I know why people become addicts. If I wasn't allergic to vicodine I'd of been having some fun for sure. so strange that since chemo I can't take it anymore. wonder why?
OK, is what it is! So MRI tomorrow night, pain dr on Thursday am, then eye dr on Friday am. I really want to know if this nerve thing is affecting my eye, if not hat is causing all of this pain, and pressure, and fullness feeling?? I'm sick of the flashing light thing too.
Ok, I got through cancer I'm gonna get through this.
I've got to get my head around this, I can do it and get to feeling a little better. Pain is an amazing thing. I am so wrapped up in myself and how I feel, it's all consuming. I keep apologizing to Eric and Hannah, shit, they've been through enough already.
Ok, I missed a trip last year, and it's not happening again. I am going on this little Mexico cruise with Lisa and the girls on june 14, I will be feeling much better soon, and then I can start WALKING...the little things we take for granted, and what seems so important, when you aren't able to do it. really means the most. So, stay positive, and hoping Kelly will send me positive energy...I really need it now.

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