Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jury. . . .

duty, not this year.
Although I wouldn't have minded serving, but the one the courtroom I went up to, the trial starts next week, and goes until August 27.. Are you kidding me?
I had to do the obvious thing there.
Oh well, maybe next time!
So Dr. A yesterday. . .
We talked about cutting down on my steroids, and he took me off of the anti seizure med, (that's a YAY!)
The steroid taper, here I go again, and he said that's probably whats affecting my UC, well I say a F ME on that front.
And the taper, well this will really make me tired, so I am going to have to play around with it.
OK, I want to be tired for a change, like the gamma didn't make me tired enough.
Like I've said before, I know how to have all of the fun.
I will need to have another brain MRI in about 6 weeks, so I guess I'll try and get that scheduled since he gave me the RX.
I just have to make sure the blood god is at Rolling Oaks that day, as he won't hurt me.
Never thought I'd have so much pain and swelling from blood draws. My left arm looks like a pin cushion from last Friday.

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