Monday, July 26, 2010

right. . . .

now, I'm not having any fun.
Yesterday, out of the blue. . .I had a flare up.
Yeah, that would be my colon talking talking to me now, saying hey, don't forget about me, I've been quiet for almost a year, it's time to wake up and have some fun. . . . or for me some pain, some bathroom time, some I'm exhausted and yeah some dehydration.
I mean, why not spread it all around?
Last year with chemo, to be specific TAXOL the drug from hell, I had a major flare up, but really that wasn't a legitimate one, so now I get a little more fun! woo hoo
The good times just never stop!
Well, I'm on my way to Dr. A, (liking that rhyme) and shall see what the word is on the brain front. Kind of funny actually, brain, butt, one end or the other. . .
That's me being funny.


  1. amazing that you can even try to make a joke with all that's going on girlfriend!! i admire you...

  2. I have to or I'd be crying all the time and that won't cut it!