Saturday, July 24, 2010

ok. . . .

swelling. . . so, I go to the Dr. and she takes some blood, although I have to say, it was questionable to me as to why.
We called the nuero, he said he isn't really in charge of my meds any more, but Dr. A is.
My primary did not want to give me any kind of diuretic, just defer to the Gamma Rad. Onc that I will see on Monday. (Dr. A.)
Limit your fluids and don't eat any salt!
Give me a break really?
Today the swelling is better, so honestly what the hell is going on??
And about the blood thing, while I'm on a slight rant. . .(Leslie, remind you of old times?)
I can't have any blood drawn, or BP on my right arm, so only on the left, now every time and mean EVERY time I have blood dawn, I am dealing with pain and swollen veins.
I put ice on my wrist went I got home yesterday, yeah love those wrist draws, it's not horrible but it is bruised, and the vein in the bend of my arm, where she started to take blood from, (notice I said started??) humungo bruise and my arm hurts.
The only person, and I mean ONLY person that can take blood and not hurt or bruise me? That awesome guy over at Rolling Oaks, but it's not a lab :(

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