Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So. . . .

tired today, feel like I didn't sleep all night, but I did.
My scalp is really hurting, and according to Steve, my Tech guy this am, my hair is getting ready to fall out.
As I lightly tug on it, out it comes. (it's already so short)....
So I just don't know how this round grows back as Dr. Miller said it should grow back, but may not completely.
Ok I am going to buy nioxin, or one of those hair growth shampoos, but I think I will wait till after next week is over to start using it.
Other than that, today is a little better emotionally.
Next week, NOT looking forward to PET Scan. Just gotta get through that one. Can't freak out on that.
When all of this shit is over I want to take a real trip. Like anyplace not in California.

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