Friday, October 29, 2010

Well. . . .

I feel overwhelmed.
My Pet Ct was clear, "no visible signs" Dr. Miller will have read films today, but as of last and then confirmation w/Dr.Kaul today, my body is cancer free.
To say that is amazing.
When I heard this last night I was in shock and couldn't stop crying.
I'm so thankful, I am kind of speechless. Hard to believe I know.....
Today was also the last day of my brain radiation, next week I can start tapering off the steroids, big YAY there!!
I see Dr. Miller 2nd week of November, and then will have my Brain MRI end of Dec, and when that comes back clear I can really breath.
So one more test to go, and I am really sure the radiation took care of any floaters in my head and I'll be clear.
I have so much to be thankful for, I am just overwhelmed with emotions.
Then on the more typical side of my thought process,
I'm sitting in Onc. office and Kim is drawing like 12 tubes of blood...yeah me the vein challenged, and we just can't seem to get a good flow.
and what am I doing while she's attempting to suck the blood out of me?
I'm humming "if I only had a brain" ha ha
I hope she didn't think I was referring to her.
They had the Wizard of OZ in in the waiting room and everyone was dressed up like the Wizard of Oz there, so really it was only natural for me to do this.
Leslie, I'm sure you'll agree. . . :P

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  1. Judy - i am so grateful for your 'clean' prayers are with you and for you every day....