Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why. . . .

would someone I don't know post some ad for their business on MY blog?
If I get another post from her I will report. Find some other way to do your business please. rant!
So....I am dizzy today, started yesterday, and the neck ache thing is back. Even thought I know that there is no way something can be growing in my head, again, something is not wonderful here.
I guess by the end of the day I'll be back to my "roids".......once again. but if it helps with the dizziness, headache behind my eye and neck thing I'll be happy.
I am also very weepy, is this from the radiation?
Usually I am pretty strong, but as of yesterday I'm just not having any fun.
When I get home I take my little girl dog for a really short walk, but honestly, I've got to get out of the house or I am going to go koo koo!

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