Wednesday, September 30, 2009

guess what????

I have Bronchitis! how the hell did I get this? that's what the Onc dr asked me yesterday...I told her I got it from her since the only place I go is to her office and home...and home and home and home.. . . .oh yeah, and my UC is back, or should I say didn't really leave and wonder if the antibiotics she put me on is causing a flare up, because some do cause this...inquiring minds want to know...maybe I should say my inquiring bottom would like to know, but hey, (no pun intended)
if I stop coughing and throwing up and wheezing and I can walk up the stairs, and take in a breathe that is a good thing, what's a little more diarrhea?
I'll just pray to the lomitil god and ask for relief....
Yeah lots of fun and stress at my house these days, so that helps matters...Calgon take me away, but not in my bathtub...I need like a really nice one with candles and stuff...yeah, in some other place where I'm not listening to my damn dogs bark, my kid giving me grief, I'm not crying at the drop of the hat because of all of these steroids I'm on....which I can't can't control...
I'm a barrel of laughs too.
I hope I get my family back after all of this.
yesterday was 5....I have 4 more to go

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