Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Toes. . ..

are numb today and so is right hand. This is fun!
Had chemo yesterday and I still can't get this crappy taste out of my mouth.
Sleep update: didn't, ummm yeah and I have a headache today. Feel sorry for me?
On a different note....trying to figure out how the hell we are going to send Hannah back to Bucknell to an open house next month unless the coach brings her back, we can't afford to do this..keeping our fingers crossed, because if she goes back to open house, Eric has to go as well and well that's an expensive trip even flying southwest, but we have to make a decision here like within the week, just don't know how we will pull this off. (she can't make a decision about a school she's seen online)
Campus is amazing, school is amazing..offers everything she is thinking about, housing is on campus for all four years, biggest class is 21:1, common class size is 16:1 can you believe that?
If we can pull this off, get aide and any scholarships/grants would be something for her!
that's 100% on the wow we will see what will come.
that's it for now

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