Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday. . . .

it is Saturday right? what a funk I am in. Lets see, Thursday night was a really bad night, and I did not sleep the whole night, I dozed for like 1 1/2 on Friday to find that a friend had made this amazing dinner and left it on our porch. I kid you not, It was amazing because I has no idea what I was going to do about dinner, was exhausted from not sleeping, and well I just couldn't stop crying. What a mess! People have no idea how things like this impact me right now. I am so emotional, over everything.
Today Hannah drug me out, I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble and when I got there, I couldn't even focus on looking at books, so we left, just really out of it still.
What I don't understand is why I am still waking up during the witching hour...sometime between 2-4am coughing and throwing up. Oh yeah and as a cruel joke Eric left the lid down on the toilet, get the picture? fun, not!
I need to clean my house but can't can't get the energy going and need to do some laundry, think I will enlist Hannah..... ugh

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