Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nice. . . .

metal taste to go with my tongue ulceration that won't go away.. . .you know nothing will heal until after chemo! what was I thinking.
Luckily I was snagged some of these q-tip things that help with the pain for a little while...I am coveting them.
I made a huge pot of soup, thought I was going keep falling asleep while I was making it, but I did it and I froze 3 big containers, so now I am set.
I just have to say that my friends have been amazing and they still ask if they can cook, and even drop stuff off, and even though I resist it helps so much. I feel bad because I have been so sick from taxol that I literally can't get off of my butt to cook or stand or even go to the market. I feel like I am a disappointment to my family when I can even cook dinner and I am home all day. So little things like making dinners mean more to us than most even know, and we thank you and love you for helping us during this difficult time. You all have things going on in your lives, yet you take just a little extra time for us and again, it means everything to me!
6 more weeks!

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  1. oh Judy - I felt just the same way on was worse in many ways than the A/C...please go easy on yourself. your ONLY job right now is to get through this...