Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Sunday. . .

where did the week go? it's been like a complete blurr......
Hannah's at Cal Cup today, 3 has three games. Sylvia took her to USC Men's Water Polo yesterday, thank you for rescuing her from me...yesterday was HORRIBLE!!!!! and I was Horrible. I HATE STEROIDS
So of all things my UC starts up last night, and I still can't figure out why when I walk up stairs I am completely out of breath. Bizarre. Like I have been working out, but in fact all I've done is walked up the stairs...or now in actuality, avoid walking upstairs until it's time to go to bed.
I'm pathetic.
I've got 5 more weeks of this, it kind of pisses me off when someone says its just five more weeks...yes I's only been like 24 weeks...had a 2 week break....when this is over I have about a 2 week week break then I start 7 weeks of radiation.
If I can loose this 30 lbs of steroids on my face and neck I'll be really happy.
I'm going to the market today, my big outing for the week...just waiting for Eric to get home to take me.
We went to dinner last night, I almost tossed up my entire dinner in the car ride home. I guess we shouldn't go out for a while.....
OK, so boring stuff, that's it for now...trying not to wallow in too much self pity today

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