Friday, September 16, 2011

OK. . . .

For those that have never read this...Welcome!
I usually write everyday, and if you don't like the word FUCK, FUCKERS anything like that, then don't read this blog, no filters on my end...

With that said,
MRI results. . . .
I don't even know where to start with this because there is kind of alot going on here and with half a brain it's hard.
The PERSON who has the other half of my brain has not been sharing very well lately and I'm kinda pissed at her. haha, but I have to love her because look what she does by sharing a bad brain!

OK, on to serious stuff right...

so I still have the giant blood clot from hell, or as i like to call it, the blood clot highway, and we are riding in a red Cadillac, not a pink one.
No changes, what the fuck does that mean?
Dr. hasn't even seen the Doppler, so how can his office person say that? what an idiot...sick of dealing with stupid people.

OK, I am officially off of blood thinner as of today, I can get another tatt. THIS makes me happy! for those of you out there that don't like them, all I can say is it makes me feel happy, I love them.

So, yeah...MRI....I am having another in Oct, The tumor I have is not growing, so the last Gamma seems to have stopped the growth, because it had doubled in size in about 2 weeks. Once again, very aggressive and fast growing.
I still have swelling and there is blood along with swelling.
If I don;t get any headaches then I can stay on 1 3mg of steroid until we get off completely. Obviously I am PRAYING for this, I have had a couple of headaches, but the pot seems to help and Dr. Ahn said OK to continue with that, he would prefer me to use also in place of any sleeping pills.
All I can say is this, no matter how you feel, PLEASE vote to legalize MJ it is saving my life and I know it does with other people. Honestly the whole thing , with the pot, is strange, but it is what it is.
You just don't know where the journey will take you and you really have to have an open mind and heart and don't judge.
At this point it's what ever works.
So any who, it's still there, but not growing. I am hoping nothing new pops up, but we won't know for a while.
We decided not to another Craniotomy
...ugh yeah, that's not going to happen anytime soon as far as I'm concerned once was enough and I'm not getting a zipper put in my head so there you go.
So for now I think that's about it...
Just trying to get back to where I was so I feel kind of normal, what ever that is.

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