Friday, September 23, 2011

YAY. . . .

OK, took one half of my steroid, so now I am on 2 mg., then we will see next week where I am, I'm thinking like I said before, it's going to work out and I will get off of these completely.
Now I've got some weird skin things on my arm, not from the the tatt, from?? who the hell knows, just all part of the fun and excitement over here.
I just want him to dig it out and hope it is not some kind of skin cancer thing, that would fucking suck!
I mean what is new here? just get it off of me and and make sure it doesn't come back. I'm kinda done with this stuff already.
I'll find out on Tuesday what it is. Oh Boy!
And yet another Dr.
I know how to have a good time

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