Thursday, September 22, 2011

OK. . . .

So the Bubba and I have a matching tattoo that we got the other night. His first, and he thought that was painful. Funny, try getting one on your foot like I did. Talk about painful, this was nothing.
He said that he has seen a huge change in the way I have been acting, so apparently the taper on the steroids is working as far as my mood goes if he is seeing a change as I have been feeling a little better, but I just need to get down to 2 mg now, then I'll really start to believe I'm getting off of this nasty ass drug!
I hate the fact that I feel like my life is defined by my cancer, but I guess it is. How do you avoid that? I don't really think about it, or talk about it. But it's there.
I am trying to make sure that I try and contact my friends, I have been really bad about this.
Don't feel like talking, or texting, sometimes it's just too much effort, and I know that probably sounds strange, but unless you've been on this trip before you really have no idea.
I just called Dr. A to see if I can go down to 1/2 roid, and if I can have a margarita. Silly right? Oh well, I just want to cover all bases in case I actually do drink one, and being on anti seizure med....well who knows.
We shall see what he says. I'm thinking yes on both counts.
Anywho...look at the tatt pics on my face book, pretty cool. . . . and yes one more is coming, but not for a little while.
No sleeves, or scenes...I'm not hard core here, but I must admit, I do love how they look.
Today I'm hoping will be a good day, if I can get a nap in it will be for sure.
Gonna make some granola for my girls at Dr. A's office.
I love them!! Jasmin and Chelsea....AWESOME!!

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