Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Well. . . .

I just wrote this whole page and didn't save it.
right? only me today....
I should have been blogging all the way through this, but it's been so hard.
I have no energy, and really nothing to say to anyone about anything.
Mostly what comes out of my mouth these days is nothing but shit or is just plain shitty.
I have no point of reference in my life. No joy, no fun, just nothing but stress here, and I'm feel like I'm going to explode most of the time.
I hope one I get use to this lower steroid dose, or maybe off all together it will be of some help here.
Unless you've done this before you really have no idea how hard this is, and honestly....the only thing that is helping me is the pot i am using.
Thank god for that at least.
I just want this over, I'm tired of crying and being upset.
I don't even know what to say anymore about this.
So I will keep on writing, and maybe I will get it together shortly.

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