Sunday, September 18, 2011

SO. . . .

I slept 'till 7am.
I was only up 4 times last night, each time I'm up I'm wide awake, ready to go.
Obviously I'm not going anyplace at 2am, but my body thinks it's time for breakfast.
This eating thing is so screwed up.
I'll wake up really hungry, but when I sit down to eat I can't eat much.
Except for pnut M&M's...that sounds good...need to go get some later.
but seriously, I still feel like crap from this steroid, I don't remember when Dr. A said I can go off completely....I have a feeling it's not until after the next MRI in OCT, I friggin hope not.
I barely recognize my face, once again I am so swollen and I hate how I look.
One time this person I know comes over for a visit, know what she says to me?
If I didn't know it was you I wouldn't recognize you. Swear to god, is that about one of the Stupidest things you've ever heard? Well she said it, and it made me feel horrible, I never said anything to her because whats the point? If she was stupid enough to say say it, then what could I possibly say in return?
I really would like to forget it, but how do you forget what someone says about your face? I mean it's your face. I'm not a vain person, just very sensitive about that.
I can't deal with this too much longer. I can't really do anything because I am so tired. I mean like REALLY tired.
So with that said, I'm thinking I will cut this short as I don't have much to say other then the white noise going on in my head.
I think that means I need to go shopping or something right?

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