Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another one. . . .

of those sleepless nights. UGH!
Sometimes it takes forever for me to fall asleep, then I keep waking up all through the night. I kept thinking I have to get up soon to drive up north and I haven't packed yet. Then I remember I haven't packed yet, and I'm not leaving until Wed. morning.
The plan is to leave at 5am, although Hannah doesn't know we are leaving then...my little surprise. I hope she sleeps in the car for a while. We shall see.
We are doing a meet and greet w/college coaches from 1-3pm.
I hope that goes well, she is looking forward to it, so I am glad about that.
Now she's not opposed to looking at schools out of state. I'm glad about that too.
Not because I want her to go far, but because I want her to be open to anything and have options and choices, but most importantly, to not be afraid and step out of her comfort zone a little. Maybe she is growing up . . .just a bit :)

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