Tuesday, July 7, 2009


so I'm not the sales person I think I am. At least not with the doc. That would be a NO to pushing chemo to 8-2...as she so eloquently put it.. is it worth risking your life?
Well seriously, I never really thought about it like that, so my answer was, "uh, well since you put it that way...uh no, I guess not" "Fine", she said, "we will continue, you will have chemo on the 20th, which is 3 days early and you will be fine for your Nor Cal trip and if you have to, you will just up your steroids". YAY me!!!
Today I only took 2 Imodium this am, so things are looking up, however I have been pukey all day long and quite honestly have not felt like working today. Tomorrow will be better. right?
So the plan is this, round IV 7-20-09....Stanford 7-29-09...then when I get back I get to start Taxol which will be once a week for 12 l o n g weeks, then radiation I guess. (she said I should tolerate this pretty well) Oy!!
And don't even get me started on this college stuff, that gets an oy oy!!
(that's yo backwards) ha ha
And Holly and Rene, thank you for the good wishes, I truly appreciate!!


  1. Hi Judy,

    I'm catching up on all your posts after more than a week. Sorry, no excuses. Just have kept off the internet completely while I was buried in work lately. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. You're doing an awesome job keeping your spirits up. Let me know if you feel like a visit anytime soon.

  2. Judy - the end is in sight...keep the Immodium on hand....I found that Taxol really affected my ummmm...'gut'...and at one point I even made a friend purchase adult diapers...thank God they are still unopened in the package...