Friday, July 24, 2009

Why. . . .

does Lexi lay right under my feet? If I scoot my chair forward she's right there and Max lays on the floor right behind me. I'm trapped in here, in my office.
Today is the first day this week that I actually feel like I can do some work, so that is a good thing. I need to catch up with my paperwork.
Ok, so most people who can't fall asleep count sheep or toss and turn or?? I think about the stupid things, like water polo and what I have done for the last three years and I never really thought about what I have been doing.
When the coach fired me at the car wash (from my high paying job) I thought he has no idea what I do, and until last night, I didn't really even know. So I thought I would list it all.
After all, it's all about me. . .
All emails and team correspondence...all the parent emails, does she need her parka, what pool, what time, where do I get that form, (coach never even knows about all of those)
text messages to Girls
all wash, wreaths (oh wreaths, sorting in my garage by myself), popcorn, etc
all money and spreadsheets (accounting for the treasurer)
Ahh, my personal fave...suit fit in the locker room
T-shirts, team suits, sweat shirts, back packs, embroiderer
sign up sheets for snack bar, sign up sheets/order forms for above
Website, which I designed, maintained and pay for here's a link I'm really proud of this:
(of course right now barely anything on it cuz it's summer)
photo's at every game, and even JV and Frosh so we have some pics to use
And what I am most proud of My memory book and the slide show.
(never mind the stuff that I do on the board as the secretary, that's gonna change too, I am cutting way back on that...yep)
See I love to do all of this and has been important to me to help and give something back, but the funny thing...the coach has never one time said "thank you". Not once, he dislikes me, but allows me to do this stuff. I don't get it, he has never even asked me or Hannah how I am feeling. I've been helping him for THREE years.
I know it's strange that I am writing so much about him lately maybe this is my way of kind of purging myself and trying to understand so I can move on. After all this will be her last year in high school.
Do I help him again? I'm just not sure, I've already had parents emailing me asking why I haven't been sending out emails. . . . . I say nothing.
It does feel better to write about this and get it out, we will see what the year brings

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  1. Judy,
    I just read all of your blogs. Tears are streaming down my face. I really feel for you and your family. You have a great spirit and that is so important for beating cancer. Breast cancer is so prevalent now. I see patients almost daily of all ages fighting this battle. Stay strong and if you need a driver for any of
    your appts I would love to be that person. I miss all of your emails. You did a great job keeping us informed and taking care of business.
    Thank-you for taking Kat with you. She had a great time and really thinks you are fabulous!
    Take it one day at a time.