Monday, July 6, 2009

Let the....

party begin! not exactly. Lets see... today I think I'm off my anti nausea and just like clockwork the joys of uc seem to be upon me.
Am I glad I work from home? uh, yeah!
Hopefully I will be able to actually get some work done before I need to fall asleep as that was what I did the whole weekend. Except I did go to the market for my big outing. Fun stuff, yeah I know how to have a good time.
Speaking of which, did someone say, "renew your drivers license?"
hey baldie, want to get your picture taken??
So I call the DMV, can I get an extension please?. . . well, if you were in New York and sent a letter post marked from New York, saying you will be in New York...WTH!
(g rated.. not really what I wanted to say for those of you that know me best)
So to buy a wig or not to buy a wig, that IS the question. And time is a tick tocking away here, so lets here the pros and cons and I still wont listen but it gives me something to think about.


  1. blue, blue...go with the blue! and it will serve the DMV right for making you re-take a photo at this point in your life!!

  2. If you go with a wig, make sure to have your head measured. Who knew there were different sizes! My wig was too small and I wore it for one hour. Couldn't return it either.

    I wore scarves and pre-tied scarves. It was much easier and cooler. At times I wished I had a wig so I could feel female, tho.

    Damn that DMV!

    Wishing you the best during your treatment.