Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you......

for dinner's Lewis's and Ritz's.
We REALLY appreciate you doing this for us.
I feel like crap, had some bad nausea today, started seeing little stars floating around.
Isn't that the worst?
It's so hot outside, I wanted to go just go out for a little but just can't do it.
Hannah has a game tonight, can't go, and probably won't make the the LMU tourney this weekend...perhaps Sunday.
Will just depend on time, game (s) weather, me. . .and me. . . we will see.
Hope she plays well again.
Past Sunday (last game), she had 8 out of 11 goals...her HS coach never even said good job.
He can never compliment her, on anything. I listen to him yell and scream at her all weekend long, after 3 years it is so old.
What the hell has she ever done to him except show up and play, and try her best.
At one point he text me and told he was done coaching, I can't even remember how many times he has said this. If he's so miserable why doesn't he just do it then?
At one point he was standing over two players that were mouthing off to him, and he was going to spit on them, I finally had to say "that's enough". Then I get dirty looks from the two girls....
One parent said it was so bad with him on Friday (we were not there) that her daughter complained to her...she apparently never says anything to her mom. She said it was bad with the coach and these two girls, one would think a coach would kick someone off a team for that kind of behavior, but he allows it. Amazing.

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