Monday, October 19, 2009

The. . . .

lesson, was to "conquer your fear". At least that's what I said, and actually really try to live my life by.
She drove, made it there and back and now, has done it, and can go there anytime. Traffic and's a long drive, but it's not about the drive.
Day 4 of Diarrhea...I am loaded up on lomitil and imodium, and it's now 12:30 and I am determined to stay out of the bathroom.
Most people write about such interesting things, they write about what's going on, and sound so clever. I'm writing about my "Shit Quota" literally. I have had enough, quite enough thank you.
Oh, and the fun begins again tomorrow!
Yes, Toxic Tuesday.
Oh yeah.. (rant coming) All this talk about BANANA BREAD, I'm making my own tomorrow after Chemo. . . and I am putting choco chips in mine!
Please stop telling us your making it and and then you don't.
Ahhh, that feels better :)
Well, lets see off to the reg. Dr, she is seeing me during her lunch at 1:00 today, I'm glad she's down the street, because I took a vicodin 1/2 hr ago....No I'm not getting hooked. Low dosage for me. At this point, I am done with dealing with pain.
OK, hands still numb. . . 2 weeks of Chemo...# 11 tomorrow, then the new fun begins, and this CANCER SHIT better be gone when we check it in a few weeks!!
I am so done with this!!!!

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