Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yesterday. . . .

was one of the worst UC days I have ever had. It's not enough to have this problem, and why it hits me on Saturday or Sunday is beyond me but I am exhausted, (you have NO IDEA) and if I didn't have to drive down to this thing today I wouldn't. Eric is working though, and it'll be nice to watch the game, but I just don't feel the energy level here to drive to Los kinda dreading it.
Hard to imagine being to tired to drive someplace. . . .I didn't eat dinner lst night because I was to exhausted to go get in the car and go get something. I kept thinking, what's healthy, and who has curbside? So I just didn't eat.. . .come to think of it, I didn't eat dinner on Friday either.
But hey, looking at my face, you'd probably think , she's been eating a lot, skip a meal, or two....
Oh well, tomorrow I will crock pot, and go to the market for my big outing. woo hoo, terribly exciting stuff here.
So there you have it, my Sunday, we'll be leaving around 3 drive down, get an early dinner (ha ha) , watch a game or two.....she can play her game at 7, then we'll come home....
Life and Water Polo :)

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  1. o Judy...i know how hard this are doing a very good job of hanging in... i am TNBC too...where do you live? i have a great group of breast friends who get together once a month and would love for you to join us...i live in North Hollywood (San Fernando Valley)