Thursday, October 15, 2009


did it. I signed up for the Susan G Komen 3 Day for next November. I know, it's a year away, but It'll take me at least 6 months - a year to start to feel "normal". . .what ever "normal" is.
I need something long term beyond what is happening right now, and something to push for, something to look forward to, and some kind of goal, that does not involve my child, but a goal for me.
And my hope is that I raise the $2300 so I can walk. I need to make a web page for this, and then I'll link it to my blog..and yes I'll be asking for "tax" deductible donations, but look at that it this way, I'll be sleeping in a tent...(you won't) and you get to help fight Breast Cancer right along with me!
I'm working on a team name, right now it's "team No More 3 Neg!!!" under Judy Guthman, Team Captain of one! Who knows if anyone else will join, next part of the whole thing after the chemo... 2-3 weeks off, then 7 weeks of radiation....whooooo hooooo
So, I'll try to work on this this thing over the weekend, depends on my energy level.
Luckily I don't have to talk to anyone because I've got some fun little sores in my mouth that hurt...and oh, for my new right eye won't stop twitching. My face is so swollen from steroids, I look like I have the mumps now.
I told Eric, once all of this goes down, if I have a big hanging down neck, something is going to be done about this. I'm not going through all of this and having a big neck thing too.
Yeah! Don't care about the boobs, go figure! (like we'll have money to do anything anyway)
Ok, well my hand is pretty swollen, so that's about all of the typing for me for now...
stay tuned!

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