Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sat. . . .

means some venting. So read it or not.
I hate, yes I said the hate word, people that pretend to be interested in your well being.
You know the ones, that never call or email, and in some cases you you wish they wouldn't, but all of a sudden here they come creeping back in, because they are now in some kind of setting where they are reminded about you, and well, maybe just a tinge of guilt creeps up...oh wow, how's your Mom ? Bad enough they tell you the last time they see you, how much they care about you and they are crying, they are so upset...they want to do anything to help you, just ask them..... Please!! Wow, what if I did? What if I really needed something? I'd be up the creek without a paddle. Good thing I didn't count on this person, because they just disappeared.
And the funny thing is, I never believed them to begin with. Honestly, I have no ill will. I've been so uninvolved with this person for several months, that I've just kind of forgotten the original disappointment I felt when the phone never rang and the email's/texts never came...ah,,,, because I had an expectation! I am learning all of the time.
Don't say something you don't mean! Don't we teach this to our children??
I have forgiven and am moving on, I don't have time for bad feelings or hurt feelings, because I have to get through my next phase...Light Me Up Radiation
Yes....round three shall be called "Light Me Up" can hardly wait!
I am looking forward to at least a 2 week week break here, I am feeling a little greedy and hoping for 3.... dare I be so selfish?
Well, in keeping with the usual Sat. UC has been here most of the day, still can't feel my fingers and toes...BUT...or should I say BUTT
if all goes well, I am planning on cutting down on my prednisone to 30 mg tomorrow. Yup all by myself.
hey at least Chemo is officially over, good bye Tuesdays at Dr. K's office!
I will drive Hannah out to ODP in Claremont tomorrow...stay there all day, me and my imodium and lomitil and maybe I won't even need it. I'm thinking I'll nap in the car, go to Barnes and Noble and then maybe the hours will pass quickly...because I am not sitting and watching practice, or driving home and then driving back.
Oh yeah, good times! :)
But really, They are!!

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