Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wed. . .

coming down off of the steroids...
Last night I slept, 2 vicodin and 1/2 ativan yay! numb fingers and feet starting kick in, but trying to keep that postive mental thing going from last week, lets see if I can hang on.
I cut my predisone down to 30mg, I hope I HOPE my uc will let me do this.
My face and neck so swollen I don't recognize myself and the swelling really hurts.
Dr K said my lymph glands are swollen in my neck and I have a new tongue sore starting on the right side of my tongue now, so I am thinking it's gonna be a lot of soup for a while and really soft food. I'm using a straw to drink everything and that really helps.
Ain't Taxol Grand!!??
Well, that's about it, it's raining I like it except that fact that a dog did a poo poo in the house, and I know which one did it, because she won't go out in the rain....we need to get a tarp on our deck, which never quite made it up there on Sunday. . . . . . .
Life goes on

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