Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can. . .

you say Hot Apple Pie and Banana bread??
yes, so this Banana bread shows up AGAIN, Thank you Debbie and Jimmy!
and then last night, A text from Myrtle...check your front porch...
A hot Apple Pie, not a store bought hot apple pie, but one that she got from her friend that just baked it!
I was going to bed, and just happened to check my phone and this message at 7 said this... (check your front porch...HA!)
guess what I had for dinner? yes dinner...a little slice of Hot Apple Pie
and yes, more than half of the Banana bread is gone, and half of the pie is gone...I'm so glad Hannah said no sweets until after Thanksgiving.
Funny stuff.
See what happens after Toxic apple pie
Means more to me than you know...(not the food) the Thoughts!!
Thank you!!

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