Tuesday, August 11, 2009

chemo. . .. ..

Was feeling ok until about 1 hour ago, here comes the nausea. Thought I would escape it, lucky me and so here come the drugs, once again.
I will have to take something to sleep tonight, because last night I was up pretty much all night due to the steroids, and today I took them before chemo and then got some more while at chemo, so aside from the profuse sweating I have been having all day...(like the hot flash that never ends) I'm just having a ball! wooo hooo
Asked Dr how this will work now, and from what I can remember, because I can't seem to remember my conversation with her today, she said we would go through the 12 weeks, I will rest for about 3 before I do the radiation. This what I am confused about...I will go have a mammogram or another scan to check the markers?? wtf....then I will have a starting point so we can make sure cancer is gone, which she is sure it will be, then go see Rad. Dr and he will get me ready for that process that I have no idea about...like how long, how often etc, etc,etc....
I think I have this done closer to the end of the chemo and before I see the next dr. I think.
Who the hell knows!
Hannah is home yay! Her flight was supposed to leave around 8:30 last night, they left at 2:30am.....something wrong with the plane. what else is new? So airline gives them all a $7 voucher for the trouble..that was good for a muffin on the plane. Way to go Delta!
Unbelievable ending to this trip!
DMV this Friday??? hello baldie???

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