Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ok. . . .

so the nausea is gone, that's a good thing, but I feel shaky. Kind of a strange feeling, hard to explain.
Tomorrow I am going to DMV to get my bald picture drivers license. I am really disgusted with this. Just pisses me off!
My hair is starting to grow back...sort of, what I can see is all white, maybe it's blond! I refuse to get it colored after it grows back in. I have been set free. . . . .
All the back to school stuff is starting for Hannah now. We did a retake of her Sr. pics yesterday.
So funny, the photographer sets up this fake balcony, and tell s her she can sit on it, that it will be fine and turns around and she and the whole thing topples over! LOL..she asked if he got an action shot, of course he didn't. That would be a great one to send out on announcements! Can't wait to see the proofs, she did a quick look through and liked what she saw...thank god!!
Wow, she's going to be a Sr!!

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