Tuesday, August 25, 2009


know you've had a great dinner the night before when you wake up in the morning, in my case 4am, and can't stop going to the bathroom!
Well, in my case it's not really the dinner, it's more like the newly formed friendship (no pun intended) of the taxol and uc.. hey maybe i'm on to something "taxoluc" or perhaps taxol-u lop-o-lis..I like that, Ummmm dr. Kahl, I would like to explain taxolulopolis and the principals of poop o lopolis to you. They are closely related and there is a molecular balance that must occur in order for one to work completely within the other, and therefore it is quite complicated and the balance must be achieved for success, but I do believe this can be obtained....
yeah, fun stuff, NOT
So the big 50 yesterday, and it was nice day, thanks to imodium. :) well, I'd like to say it helped me get out of the house, so that i could have a nice day.
Eric wanted to take me to lunch, but these days, food is not my friend, well actually it has nothing to do with the food, as is does not matter what I ingest.. (more a less), ok yeah so back to me, because it's all about me...
So no lunch, the thought of another public bathroom after albertsons is not something I really want in my future. No lunch, but I asked for a rain check...was able to get out of the house around 11, we went and got me some pj bottoms, cause I lounge a lot these days, yeah I'm a real lady of leisure these days, and a new nose ring.
Dinner was GREAT we went to Ruths Chris, couldn't eat too much, but Hannah will have a great lunch.
Hannah bought me some perfect earrings (I am so picky) I love them. Ok ready for this, she had the girls write me cards and put them into a book, I looked at this and started crying, thinking about it, makes me want to cry, but it gave me some hope and some strength and she has no idea how much that little gesture meant.
My bubba, gave me some money that he has been saving since I started this thing because I have been wanting another tattoo, and I am sure that may be shocking to some, maybe not, but I have been wanting a Kanji and a Lotus flower for some time. Now it has so much more meaning. I have been looking for a tattoo artist for about 2 years, and I found an amazing one, in all places simi...but she is the real deal. when I started chemo, I found out I had to wait until after chemo. . .so whats a few more months? I'll go see her soon, and have her draw something, and then...it'll give me something to look forward to. Oh yeah my tattoo rule for women, never anyplace that sags! gross old woman + saggy tattoo = GROSS!!! find a laser Dr.
Ok, so the nose ring...on my birthday. yes I have a nose ring, have had it for quite some time...tiny tiny and I love it. No midlife crisis, wanted it for a long time, ok so I get a tiny tiny solid gold nose bone (tiny ball on both ends....) got the picture, yeah..so I'm gonna put it in myself. WRONG needless to say, on the way back from dinner Hannah, Eric and I stopped at Nathans and we waited, Hannah finds a fedora in there, cha-ching...anything else you'd like Hannah?, can I interest you in two hats perhaps you'd like that lovely big gold thing hanging there? what the hell is that for??
anyway, you have to stretch the little tiny hole out to get the little tiny ball through...2 times 2nd time it's a little bigger, but she put numbing stuff on, it works doesn't it??
yeah, happy b.day to me I say, she says, oh..Happy Birthday, on the house!
Driving home with my new nose ring Eric says, is that permanent? how do you take it out? what if you want to change it. say I.."you go back and have her cut it off" he asks again...it's permanent, you can't change it LOL!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! LMAO!! ha ha
I love it!

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