Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ok. . .

so enough about me. . . . .
Jo's were, interesting.
The meet and greet went well, Hannah spent about 2 hours talking to different coaches so that was a great experience for her.
We have some wonderful families and I loved hanging out with them. I think we, the parents, had way more fun than the girls!
Our girls played great, although we did not get into the medal round, we took 7th place in the platinum round and considering we were missing Ashly (our set) our girls played hard and did well and we were all really proud of the job they did, go LA!!
Now we will see what the fall has in store for us, some talk about Kyle taking over the 18 A team.
College wise, let the games begin.
Hannah has been contacted by Bucknell, and when she gets back from Hawaii she has to follow up with Davis, UCSD, Marist and of course Kyle. Who is amazing!
He has offered to help help her, she adores him and would love to go to LMU and play for him, but may not be in the cards. . .
So, we go where it takes us and should be an exciting ride.
Hawaii update. . . .
Yesterday she had 5 out of 6 goals our team scored..Go Hannah!
She's gonna have some fun in Hawaii and should be an interesting high school season.
Hey Mom gets to brag a little, she's been working her ass off for four years with club and she deserves it!

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