Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday. . . . .

So I'm having an ok day....went to the office and had a really nice birthday lunch!! Thank you EVERYONE!!!
I took a sleeping pill so I could sleep last night and I am glad that I did because this not sleeping at night is driving me crazy.
How am I feeling now? still wired from all of the steroids, and feeling tired at the same time if that makes sense??? it's so hot outside, but I know when I try to go to sleep tonight it will be another one of those nights, and I am dreading tomorrow because it's Thursday and I know what starts on fingers and toes are already getting numb so it's starting a little stuff, NOT
Still waiting for the 3 day info to come, I don't want to sign up until I get it and really read up and watch the video, because once I make the commitment I am in it and I can't back out.
The 1st thing I need to do is think of a team name...something to do with TNBC will have to ask Leslie for help here... c'mon my Witty girl friend!!
My plan for tomorrow is to do some work, and try and get my self back to a pattern, maybe since the UC has calmed down I can just deal with the pain and aches and work a partial day.
That is my plan, so we will go with that!

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