Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did. . . . .

not have a really great night last night thanks to a migraine.
So today, feeling kind of crummy and really tired.
I hope I sleep better tonight. . .
Mostly, I am thinking about tomorrow and these tests. You could say I am preoccupied right now, and me being me, that's to be expected.
When I get like this, I really just want to be left alone.
The other thing bothering me is my face hurts.
I'm still so swollen and I know this going to take a while to go away. And the really stupid thing I want to say is that although I am really looking forward to meeting this coach, I hope he doesn't think I look like some kind of freak.
Like I said, stupid thing, but right now, being tired and swollen, it's just hard to get past how I feel and how I feel the world see's me. Chances are no one thinks anything of this, but I do and I'm having a hard time with it. Maybe I just look like a person that's overweight, so if I slap on make-up on it won't be any big deal? Stupid what bothers me, but it does.
Guess that's something else to figure out along the way. . . . wow!

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