Monday, November 9, 2009

Reds. . . .

what was I thinking?
I have been so careful about what I have been eating because of the mouth sore (I still have)..I am still taking prilosec for the esophagus issue I am still having. . . and yeah, I'm up at 1am, attempting to recover from throwing up in my sleep. Yes , that would be me. . .fun stuff.
I am trying to recover this morning from this lovely burning sensation. Eric and I sat and talked for a while until this calmed down a bit, and he told me that I was going to start feeling better this week, so I am going to hold him to it!
Like yesterday wasn't a another whirlwind day unto itself!
Driving round trip to UCSD to go pick up Hannah from her recruiting trip (by myself..on Friday Eric drove. I need my head examined. (more on this later)
And. . .lastly. . . I get to have my girls squished soon, so I have to get going.
Hoping it's not like last weeks experience, where I encounter some kind of clothing malfunction or something!

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  1. you poor dear...things HAVE to get better! you've been through too much already!