Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wow. . . .

I actually feel a little happy today.
My first "NON- Toxic Tuesday"
A little tired, just relieved a little bit. (she sighs)
Last night I slept ok, and second night in a row I did not take anything to sleep.
I don't like taking things to sleep, and after the day I had yesterday I wasn't sure what was going to happen.
So, I am kind of at a day by day thing right now, and I am not really sure how this works.
Do I start to feel just a little bit better each day, or do I go back and forth?
A question I don't really know the answer to, but in my mind, I am telling myself I start to feel a little bit better each day.
I just keep expecting to just get up and feel great and go, but then I am reminded how tired and low energy I am right now.
I went and bought a blender and couldn't hold it because it was too heavy, so not like me. (the things we take for granted)
I know I keep talking about this too, but Thursday has me kind of freaked out.
I know it's because I don't know what to expect. I am sure I will feel better after I talk to Dr. Miller, so I need to stay calm..ha ha
I am looking forward to Friday, and taking Hannah down for her recruiting trip. Looking forward to meeting the coach too. So, it's good all in all.

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