Monday, November 30, 2009

OK. . . .

so I went to my 1st treatment this am.
When I got up on the table I just started crying.
I'm not sure if it was because I was scared, or because I am faced with I'm having radiation. . .I have cancer.
I just found myself lying there thinking I have to pull it together.
It was interesting, I am having 4 areas "radiated" and today took a little longer than it will normally, as she had to kind of line everything up and check it all out, take a couple of xrays, marked me up a bit.
Then I had the treatment, one on the top, two from an angle on the side and one from underneath on the back. .(for nodes in the back). .
Then we went over my skin and what I can use and where to put it. Lets just say I'll be covering a large area from the top of my shoulder/neck, to under my right breast, right armpit and then back up my back to the top of my shoulder/neck. make sense?? I'm going to ask her again tomorrow.
All I know is I have to go buy this gi-normas bottle of lotion that the Dr. likes to use at costco, or I can use smelly aloe thanks!
So we'll see

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