Thursday, November 5, 2009

So. . . .

I go to have my markings and my CT scan this afternoon.
Kinda weird.
I go to have the first part done, an x-ray and the marking part.
The little permanent tattoo dots they mark with you with. I am guessing that's where they will aim the radiation at . . . .
I guess for me, the odd part of all of that was just laying there with my girls, (well my girl and a half) exposed the whole time, and the "techs" doing this are guys of course.
And honestly as I lay there, I'm just thinking, they aren't looking at me like wow look at those scars, it's just another x-ray...and I am fine with that, I just would have liked it if they covered me up when they weren't doing anything. . . .
Then we leave, Eric is with me, and we drive over to where I am having the CT scan done.
Ok, let me say this...I'm tired today and little crabby, I didn't sleep good last night, my mouth hurts today...yeah yeah, complain, complain. (so the mood has been set)
I'm called in, and given a gown with 3 arm holes and a pair of bottoms.
Put the gown on with the opening in the back. . . .
Ok, I go into the room and proceed to put the gown on with 3 arm holes. How does this work? what is the front and the back, and basically what the hell?
I finally manage to get this "thing" on, it's too tight and choking me around the neck and I can't get off. Plus, she puts me in room, with no place for me to put my stuff, so I have to figure how to get out of this thing. It's like a friggin straight jacket, I am NOT kidding.
I finally get it over my head, I'm now sweating..because hey, steroids are my friend, and well, I'm a little pissed.
I put my clothes back on, go out to the little tiny skinny girl, looks like she weighs about 90 lbs, and I say, it doesn't fit, it might fit you, and I'm not changing out of my pants.
Hey, now I'm in control!
She says all of the gowns are mixed up, so she just grabbed one, I wanted to say someone should organize them, perhaps you could check the size, since you do this everyday and probably know where the size of this stupid thing would be located, I mean, a bunch of things ran through my chemo brain, I resisted though.
She said if your bottoms don't have metal in them, then you don't need to change them. Metal, yeah, I'm carrying a bomb around in my sweats.
So, I go in for the CT Scan, and the tech guy tells me I'll be having contrast die, so I'll be getting an iv, ok no biggie. Gets the bee-bee on the tattoos, and then runs the scan...and done!
So, now all of this will go to the Dr., he'll figure out the time frame and so on.
He thinks treatment will be 6-7 weeks, 5 days a week.
Good news is. . . . . .I will be starting radiation on 11-30-09. . . . at 7:30 every weekday morning.
I think this will work out good time wise.
He said I will be tired, might have some irritation from radiation, some possible soreness.
He wants me to get rested, get my UC under control and maybe even weaned down more on the steroids.
Enjoy my Thanksgiving.

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