Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today. . . .

is Thursday.
My second full week without any chemo. I am so thankful that part is over.
How am I feeling? Hmmmmmm
A little tired which is to be expected,
a lot bored, knowing me to be expected.
Still have some issues symptom wise, (gonna take a while to heal and clear up) Also to be expected. . .I guess.
Mentally still a little foggy, so overall it's gonna take some time.
Today so far, it's a good day and I am thankful!
We received some "famous" short ribs from Jimmy and we are really looking forward to dinner tonight. I have heard about these before but have never had them.
Eric says these are out of this world. Can't wait!!
And on the Hannah front, her letter came yesterday, she signed it, Eric sent it back today and I emailed the Coach to let him know it's "on the way!"
He said when they receive it they are going to do a press release on their website.
How cool is that?? WOW!!
Now.. . .gonna look for some kind of chocolate mousse recipe.
Doesn't that sound GOOD???

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  1. Hi Judy - glad to hear things are going well. Are you going to be able to join us in Studio City on the 21st at noon for lunch? We will meet at Chez Nous which is on Riverside.....