Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where. . . . .

should I start?
I fell in garage on Thursday and thought I broke my right thumb, I tripped over one of Eric's boxes. Yeah. I have concluded that I have a major sprain because I can kind of move it now. (my thumb that is)
Yesterday was the whirlwind trip to UCSD. OMG!!!
We get down there, and thankfully have time, because yes, we get lost on this GI-NORMAS campus. Need I say anymore?
We are all yelling at other, Hannah and I are yelling at Eric, she's gotta go to the bathroom, (what else is new?)LOL!!
So we finally double park someplace so she can get out and go. After a while we find a campus police station, and get some directions to the pool. JEEZ!!! good thing we were early!
The pool facility is really nice, the pool is just about 4 years old, they have 2 pools at this aquatics center.
We met the coach, and watched practice. I actually had a great conversation with one of the girls. She is a freshman, and very similar background to Hannah. Was a club swimmer, then started playing club polo and polo in HS.
Super nice girl, she said all of the girls were so excited to meet Hannah, they have all been looking forward to this. (it was really nice and pretty cool!)
Then we went and sat with the coach and his asst. he went through a lot of things, but what was most important, was that he told Hannah, how her hard work has earned her entrance to this university. that can't be denied, and UCSD does not recruit athletes that do not have the GPA and SAT score.
(so in other words, her team mates will be there for their education as well as the polo)
It's a really good fit. And being as though this is her top pick, just so ironic how this whole thing has come into play.
So the Coach really wants her, and he told this, and we could see how proud she felt and how good it made her feel to know that she has been recognized and that she's he top recruit. He will mail the letter of intent on Monday and if she signs it, she is good to go. As far as she can "breathe", she's in and then the rest of it starts. (and OMG, there is SO MUCH!!!)
So, we wait to see how her trip went, so far she said the girls were really nice, and our guess is they will be great, because if the coach finds out otherwise, have a feeling he won't be too happy if they scared her off!!
As for me. . . .yeah, same stuff different day??
I am just exhausted. Eric says I need to remember, I just finished chemo, I've been getting this crap in my body for 26 weeks, and I'm not going to feel "normal" (I love that word) for a while, so try to relax, and remember this.
So, that is where I am today. Tomorrow, I am doing the drive down to La Jolla to pick her up at 9am. Gonna meet the coaches for breakfast and then we will drive back . . . . . . .
My hope, that this was amazing for her. She deserves to go to the school she wants, and we will do what ever we can to make sure this option is there for her.


  1. wow - you do a lot - no wonder you feel tired...relax a bit if you can....breathe...can't wait to meet you!

  2. I am looking forward to meeting you and everyone too!