Monday, October 3, 2011

EACH. . . .

Morning I have been waking up and feel like I am going to be sick to my stomach, it's just like having morning sickness only it lasts longer to go away...UGH!
every so often a slight headache, but I'm thinking about calling my Doc and see if he wants me to break the half of steroid in half.
everything seems to be about the steroid with me still.
My face is so bloated and swollen still.
I am really self conscious and sick of people looking at me, so with the pink spotted hair I figure they will look at that instead, then that gives me the change to tell someone to get a mammogram. . . .like they would listen to me!
But honestly, I love my spotted hair, kind of fun and just for October.
Watch, I'll get called for a volunteer interview, haha
Other than that, I'm excited to have some team stuff to put together for game/food sign ups.
Gives me some purpose and something to do that I like...
With any luck Eric and I will drive down and see Han this Sat., which will be really nice and since I'm not so bitchy should be good all the way around!
Now gotta see if I'm making cookies or granola or? maybe nothing. . . . .

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