Thursday, October 20, 2011

SO. . . .

Yesterday was the MRI, and I seemed to be having technical difficulty with the dressing room door like I did a couple of yrs ago when I got the gown with the three wholes, and when I tried to get it off I almost went crashing through the folding fan type door thing with a shitty little latch.
So yesterday i get locked in when I change for the MRI... I'm yelling hello, hello and pulling on this fucking door, finally it opens and good thing because no one came, I'd still be there. . . .then I get the dumbshit tech "boy" that I can't stand, he starts arguing with me about putting the cath in my arm for the contrast, I tell him, I've been doing this here longer than you've been working here, I know how it goes and Christian is taking care of it, still talking...close your mouth now and go away...still talking.... wish i could have said that to him, but he did go away, and all went fine.
Just results tomorrow.

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