Sunday, October 23, 2011

YAY. . . .

It's Sunday and that means I can spend the day with Eric. He's not working today (for a change) so we will see what we can get done since my energy seems to be picking up, due in part to the up dose with the steroids. Sleep wise, only woke up once last night and that is nice for a change, maybe I'm going to start sleeping?????
I drove down to San Diego yesterday for the alumni game, always fun...not serious and our coach is the ref and it's a fun time. We had like 40 alum there, at least that's what we counted, and since i wasn't doing the counting I think the number could be correct. haha
Anywho, was great to see everyone and the hugs were great! Was so worth going, to get outside and laugh, just had a great time.
So looking forward to the season. (nice to have something to look forward to)
So far only one Dr. appt this week, with my new Gastro, and I'm actually looking forward to going, I need to get off of this one drug I'm on because it is a chemo drug and Docs want me off it, so hopefully there are new meds just for UC that will be better for me. We shall see

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