Tuesday, October 4, 2011

YUCK. . . .

Pretty much sums up how I feel when I wake up.
Still this morning sickness type of feeling and I'm just not sure why. So doing what I can to get rid of the nausea.
Sleep wise, about the same, still waking up and not sleeping through the night.
I think something is growing back in there and I need to change my MRI, like move it to Oct, but gotta check w/Dr first.
He told me my symptoms show up before the tumor does, but something doesn't feel right
Just a feeling that I hope is wrong, I'm getting pretty tired of all of this.
Other than that, like that isn't enough, at least I'm not feeling all "roided" out and that seems to have calmed down, but need to find out if I need to cut in half again, go to 1mg.....
What I'm looking forward to? Seeing my Han on Sat., I can't wait

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