Monday, October 24, 2011

SO. . . .

I woke up only once last night, but this am when I got up I felt like I was going to puke.....once again. So tired of this, and just hoping I don't need to go up on steroids, Eric thinks I will. I'm thinking it's gonna be the plan B, Slurpee straw thing, I hope to GOD it's not that because I don't think I can handle another hospital stay besides drilling into my head.
The thought of that makes me want to puke, besides scaring the shit out of me, I just don't want that option. I'll end up with another visit to the hospital and well, that's just not going to happen as far as I'm concerned.
I'm fighting this shit, but this part is just so hard, and really out of my control.
So I started taking some Turmeric tablets which are supposed to help w/inflammation and I need to do a bit more research on shitake mushrooms, or the tablets which are very expensive (like over $50 a bottle) but apparently also good with inflammation, at least that's what Dr A. says. We did read a study that Yale had done, interesting read, but who knows.....

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