Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TWICE. . . .

In one day? Wow I'm impressed with myself today.
So I decided to call my Dr., and I went in and yes, I have a lump in my right breast, this time on the right side at about 10:00. (last time was right breast but on top)
She thinks it's a cyst because there is pain with this, but there was the last time as well.
And when I had the mammo that found it back in 2009 the tech said, oh its never cancer if you have pain...Well hello, I'm living proof that that's a bunch of shit.
Not that I want it back, but when I have read tnbc forums, there is pain w/tumors with this type of bc, doesn't behave like other types.
I know Dr. K didn't want to worry me, because after all, I am the steroid queen and tears come in the blink of an eye. But what good would that do me?
So we wait, see what it is and deal with it then.
Be strong, get trough this, and show Hannah not to be afraid, that you can conquer your fears and move forward however you need to.
She gets it, but is still upset and worries. I wish I could take her worry away, but she has to process this in her own way as I know she will.

Maybe that is part of the Journey I questioned at the beginning of all of this.
Something here to learn and grow from, not to be fearful or afraid, help someone else get through this, and to try to set a positive example, but most important, have a sense of humor which I like to think I do, because that is really what saves you in the long run.

And lastly I have to take this damn Qigong class tomorrow, I think that will make me feel better?? well at least make me sweat, like I don't do that already. HAHA!
speaking of which, I cleaned the bathroom, did laundry sheets...everything due to the pink eye exposure...made a chicken salad and am going to the new Butt Dr. and when I get home I'm going to figure out how to make an apple pie, but I think I will make it tomorrow so I have more time... Fuck Cancer!

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