Monday, October 31, 2011

IT'S. . . .

Halloween!!! That means Thanksgiving is almost here and Hannah will be home soon!
Me, I'm cleaning my house, so I must feel a little better right? that or my house is a mess, or a little of both. (that's more like it)
So sleep wise, last two nights only woke up twice.
Yesterday I was really crabby and had some balance issues both on Sat and Sun and I know I still have brain swelling so I am going to have to call the Dr. this week and prob go up on the I go again. F me, I hate them.
So I went to this Qigong class on Sat., at the wellness center, it was interesting and the I guess I was the youngest person in the room.
There is another Qigong class on Wed. I may try that, and see how that one is.
I really want to take Tai Chi and the Y offers it but you have to join and it's like $45 a month after you join regardless of the number of classes you may or may not take... Hmmmm
gonna need to see about that, or maybe park and rec offers???

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