Friday, June 4, 2010

A. . . .

little confusing now, gamma no gamma. Sheesh!
So no more pretty staples, Dr. Chan took them out, and I'm glad they are gone.
Still have to limit my fluids to 1 1/2 qts max a day to help keep swelling down.
I called Dr. Hymas this morning to thank him, and I tried not to loose it, but seriously, how do you thank the person that really saved your life??
I mean he4 really did, he saved my life.
How do I go forward and find the way to do something to repay him for this? I don't mean in a monetary way, but how do I put this back into the universe?
I will have the chance I need to find the way and what it is, It will come to me.
No scarf at home, I take things so literally. Keep something on your head, uh ok, 24-7. . .well no, out in public if it bothers me. At home no, it will be nice to not sleep without something on my head, that probably sounds strange, but I guess I'm a little sensitive in general about my head, how it feels, doesn't feel. . .
Sudafed tomorrow, . . . .I'm moving through the "s's" sleeping pill last night, sudafed tomorrow so maybe some of this ear fullness, popping kind of feeling will move on...little things that make me happy.
Hey 2 MRI's instead of 3 tomorrow, then Hannah's party. I hope she has a great time and I hope everyone likes the taco cart. I'm excited.

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