Saturday, June 12, 2010

Talk. . . .

about weird!
I go for my MRI yesterday, and the Dr. says it's so great to see you see you, last time I saw you was when you were on a gurney and you weren't feeling too good. I told her, I don't even remember you! (we've met before?)
Wow. . .MRI went good and it was really movies but hey, it was over in a snap and she got my contrast in without a problem and look ma, no bruise!
Maybe I'll get the results today? wishful thinking, it is a Sat. but hey. . .maybe Dr. Ahn will find out . . .
Stupid stuff: I am just wondering why I had talked to someone before this all happened and now it's like I've got the plague. It's really strange and I don't get it. I see them on FB and I've just kinda been waiting and . . .nothing. It's not like we were great friends, but maybe what seemed friendly was really based on something else and I misunderstood. I'm guessing that's it, and it's fine, but I noticed it and Eric did. . .oh well totally fine. . .I'm over it.
It's Saturday and I'm here!

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  1. hello dear Judy - so glad the MRI went off without a hitch...i've been out of touch lately...went to the East Coast for 3 weeks to clear out, clean up and sell my mom's was a challenging time...but got back last Sunday and am settling into the old routine...sending love and hugs,